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Best Alexa-Enabled Toys in 2020

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Amazon came into the marketplace like a wrecking ball back in the mid-1990s. Developed in founder Jeff Bezos’ garage, Amazon had humble beginnings as an online bookstore, and within the first two months, Amazon’s sales were close to $20,000 a week. Quite the impressive start!

Amazon quickly diversified its eCommerce offerings, and from 1994 to the present day, Amazon has taken the retail world by storm. In June 2015, Amazon released its first-ever smart assistant, Alexa. Housed in a cylinder made up of speakers and a microphone, the first Alexa-enabled Echo device was a success.

Years later and smart assistant devices are increasingly popular — few homes go without. These days, Alexa can do more, including giving you a ‘smart’ house, answering your questions, letting you video chat with your friends, and showing you who rang your doorbell. Most exciting of all, Alexa can interact with your children, providing endless entertainment opportunities, and now syncing with physical toys.

Alexa-compatible toys are gaining traction and becoming more widespread. Whether you want a family-night board game or new devices to explore, Alexa-compatible toys can deliver extreme entertainment.

Here are some of the best Alexa-compatible toys you can buy today :

· Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet — £99.99

Yes, this is a tablet and not a classic toy, but the Kids Edition line of tablets provides hours of fun for your little ones while keeping them safe from inappropriate content. Set your child up with countless games, books, activities, and shows. The tablets are Alexa enabled, so your children can safely interact with the smart assistant and learn new things every day. Best of all, the Kids Edition tablet comes in a kid-proof case!

· Twister Ultimate — £25.59

With a bigger mat, more colored spots, and Alexa compatibility, Twister Ultimate is a clear winner in the Alexa toy department. This new twist on a classic game will have your sides splitting with laughter, and your body tangled. Twister Ultimate is perfect for family night or a birthday party. Alexa dictates the instructions and gameplay, keeping you on the mat and not the sidelines.

· Clue — £12.21

Another classic, Alexa-enable Clue is massively upgraded. Clue is the popular mystery board game from your childhood now revamped and ready to spice things up with the help of Alexa. Through your Alexa device, you can now summon ghosts, get help solving the case, and have Alexa run the game for you.

· Twerks — $27.88

Gemmy, the Twerking Bear, is a Bluetooth dancing bear that is compatible with Alexa. Gemmy lip-syncs with Alexa spoken responses and also reacts to your set timers, alarms, and notifications. Quickly pair Gemmy with your Alexa device to unlock all of this twerking bear’s features. The best part is that Gemmy does exactly what it advertises — twerks.

· VOBOT — $62.45

VOBOT Bunny is a smart sleep trainer alarm clock with Alexa compatibility. The electronic bunny head has a built-in Alexa and speaker and can tell stories, play music, and set timers. Use VOBOT as a night light and train your children to fall asleep to soft music, dim lighting, and absolute comfort.

· Good Question! — $16.72

Good Question! is an Alexa-enabled party game for teens and adults. Players compete to ask intelligent questions and have their responses chosen by Alexa for the win. The object of the game is to trick Alexa into saying the word on your card without you saying the word. Good Question! is designed for two to six players from ages 13 and up.

· Escape Room in a Box — £43.99

Escape Room in a Box is an exciting game that brings the thrills of an escape room to your living room. The goal is simple — escape! Everyone needs to work together to find the clues, connect the dots, and escape the room. You can now connect Escape Room in a Box with Alexa for enhanced gameplay. Include two to eight players for 19 different puzzles and three locks.

This is only a small selection of toys, and you can expect more Alexa-powered toys to come out in the near future. With their popularity growing, Alexa-compatible devices, gadgets, and toys are a hot market going forward. Amazon is even working with large toymakers like Hasbro to expand its offerings. For now, you can enjoy a diverse collection of entertaining board games, twerking animals, and an adorable sleep trainer.

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