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Frequently asked questions

Is there any free trial period?

The large business package offers a 14-day trial period. Contact sales for more details.

Is there a possibility to modify my package down the road?

Yes, you can always upgrade your package.

What CRM Integration do you support?

At the moment we support Salesforce, Google Sheets and Zapier integration.

What is Whatsapp for Business live chat plugin?

Whatsapp Business live chat is a plugin that connects Whatsapp Business App on your phone with Whatsapp live chat window on your webiste or e-commerce store. Your visitors can easily and immediately get in touch with you or your agents using Whatsapp live chat window embedded in your website.

How do I manage multiple agents with WhatsApp Business?

You can add multiple agents to your WhatsApp live chat. You can assign different roles to your agents (i.e. sales, customer support, refunds & returns).

What is Whatsapp for Business chatbot?

All packages include a chatbot that assists your online or offline visitors handling tasks ranging from raising awareness, checkout, payment processing to onboarding. In the Small Business Package the chatbot is mapped to a phone number of your choice and features up to 30 conversation steps to help you solve typical customer service requests or enquiries (i.e. FAQ, refunds, returns, shipping, opening times etc.). In the Large Business Package the chatbot has exactly the same features as above but it's not limited to any number of the conversation steps.

How many messages can I send per day?

The Small Business Package allows up to 6,000+ messages per day and 180.000 messages per month. This equates to the message cost of $0.0007. The Large Business Package has no limit to messages sent per day, however the message cost for outgoing messages is generally $0.007/message (varies by country). All incoming messages from customers to businesses are free. The cost of outgoing messages drops slightly after the first 250.000 messages. For detailed information, please contact CHATWISE sales. Please be aware that we allow no bulk messaging or spamming. For more information please refer to our terms and conditions.

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