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Engage your website visitors with chatbots and automate tedious tasks with Whatsapp for Business 

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Which industries is CHATWISE for?







Real Estate

Call Centre

Why choose CHATWISE?

Put your customer service on 24/7 autopilot

Assign tedious and repetitive tasks such as order processing, order inquiries, refund processing, appointment bookings and much more to intelligent chatbots that integrate vertically in your existing CRM tools and social media campaigns. As compared to traditional call centres, CHATWISE chatbots reduce waiting and queuing times to zero by simultaneously increasing customer satisfaction.

Conduct surveys and quizzes using chatbots

Raise awareness about your service or product by reaching out to over 1 billion Whatsapp users worldwide. Include interactive elements such as audio and video in CHATWISE chatbots to make your questionnaire even more appealing to any target group. Collect audience survey responses for further analysis using Salesforce or Google Sheets.

Accept payments or donations in Whatsapp

Using unique text-to-pay CHATWISE technology you can enhance your chatbot conversation with in-chat checkout process regardless of what product or service your selling. Non-profits can made the most of text-to-donate feature and scale fundraise to over 1 billion Whatsapp users. 

Generate leads with chatbot ads 

Integrate chatbots into your existing social marketing campaigns and prequalify your initial leads with prescreening questions. Connect Whatsapp chatbot to any Facebook business page and retarget to potential clients that have interacted with your business or organisation online.

Marketing automation and compatibility with ecommerce

Plan automatic marketing messages in advance and decrease processing time of repetitive actions or tasks by 50%. Collect your chatbot responses in Salesforce or Google Sheets and discover how your cohort interacts with your business over time. Insert Whatsapp chatbots into any website or e-commerce store running on Wordpress, Wix or Shopify.

Still not convinced? See CHATWISE Whatsapp Chatbots in action:

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Chaya, DRIVE

Was an absolute pleasure working with such high skilled professionals. Thank you.


Tom, Legs4Africa

Our expectations have been exceeded and we looking forward to working together again.


Farzad, WildfireDXB

Very thorough in collecting and understanding the requirements, which ultimately paid off in delivering a flawless conversational script and chatbot that met the expectations. Highly recommended. Thank you.

Clients that trust CHATWISE